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Who I am

Life saving Business Strategist & Systems Architect, I'm a tech-savvy organization nerd living the dream in the lovely Midwestern city of Saint Louis. A seasoned Online Business Manager and former advertising photography studio VP of Operations who thrives on marketing, business building and systemization. Lover of music of all genre, DIY projects and all things dealing with organization.

I am Creative

My background is in advertising, photography, marketing communications and holistic health. I have been fortunate enough to be one of the few people who has spent almost 11 years working for ONE company (besides my own health coaching practice that is). Yes, that's right! For almost 11 solid years, I got to try on a MILLION DIFFERENT HATS at an advertising photography studio, providing me with a deep and rich exposure (yep! I did that) to all things advertising and small business.

Throughout those years, I've been; "the intern", photographer's assistant, photographer, digital technician, photoshop wizard, graphic designer, production artist, project manager, print broker, client relationship manager, producer, marketing manager, sales specialist, editor, copywriter, content developer, bookkeeper, webmaster, web designer, coder, human resources manager, vice president of operations, coffee gopher, and of course - janitor.

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I am Driven

Throughout my life I have always strived for good health, and that brought me to the holistic health coaching world. I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and received my certification to become a health coach. I LOVED starting my practice. The business planning, creating processes, designing

the collateral, program & product development & promotion of them gave me a high! While I had a created a thriving practice, after a few years, I found that I enjoyed the coaching part, I most enjoyed doing all the work behind the scenes! (I know - crazy right?)

Why Creatives & Coaches

Focusing and calibrating my skills between the two small business worlds of advertising photography and coaching over the last 11 years has afforded me the opportunity to fully appreciate and understand the multiple roles necessary to hone a successful business.

My longevity and diversity in these fields has sharpened my marketing, business development, and sales expertise to allow for a seamless transition of my skills to help make your business fly! Simply put - I work with people who are in the businesses I know best. Book a FREE Consultation

What I do

Feeling OVERWHELMED? I'm about to make your business life a whole lot easier. You see all that stuff that stops you from doing what you do best (i.e. networking, visiting clients, building your business)? Allow me to take that off your hands. I am here to partner with your business to help you get time back in your day.

Administrative Support

Whether it's client care & onboarding, bookkeeping, inbox + calendar management, fielding calls, creating forms, documents or spreadsheets, formatting Powerpoint or Prezi presentations, or anything administrative, I'm here to support you.

Graphic Design/Editing

Design & layout of marketing collateral, business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters (print or electronic), web site maintenance or refresh, photo editing, my creative spark will light your business up!


Want to take your small business to the next level? Need help communicating with your target market? I can help you create and manage your marketing plan, social media strategy, timeline and deployment.

Mad Skills

Want to find out how I can help you get organized, be more productive and get back to doing the things that you love ?

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Graphic Design
Project Management 95%
Email Marketing 70%
Product Launch Support 87%
Social Media Management 67%
Systems Creation/Integration 98%

Here are some other services that I provide.

Website + Blog Maintenance

Edits, updates, refresh, HTML, Wordpress, Lead Pages & Optimizepress

Photo Editing

Basic to complex retouching, compositing, clipping paths, color correction and more.

Event Planning + Product Launches

Online or in person, from planning to execution -all your needs for events and launches are met in one place.


Quickbooks set up, invoicing, bill payments, bank reconciliations and payroll.

Social Media Management

Customized strategy, post planning + creation, branded graphics and full management.

Systems Creation

Stop reacting and restore time and order to your life by implementing systems designed specifically for you and your business.

Work With ME

I offer a variety of options for working together, some are for those looking for integrative partnerships, some are power-burst ninja kick programs to help you take it up a notch or two at lightening speed!
Take a look at the offerings below and then BOOK a Free Consultation with me to get started!

Helpful Resources

These are some of my favorite online tools for small business owners - many of them are free :-)! I offer assistance with set up on all of these softwares and more!

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    Time tracking, estimating, forecasting, expense tracking and invoicing.

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    Project management, collaboration and organization.

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    Quickbooks Online

    Full service cloud-based accounting system - Quickbooks Online is your best choice!

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    You Can Book Me

    Need a way for clients to see your availability for appointments or bookings? You Can Book me sees and syncs directly with your calendar and is outstanding!

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    Customer relationship management - right from your inbox. Set up sales pipelines and corresponding stages for every client and email!

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    A photographer's dream! This amazing software set's you up from start to finish with clients. You can manage leads, shoots, workflows and everything in between.

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